Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Three - more tracking

Hey Judes', Jules'

So I got some bad news last night when I found out I got a small hole in my eardrum :( It's pretty damn painful and I've been medicating it over the last few days so this day was quite a short one for me. For most of it I was on the couch at home getting the rare chance to watch some cricket (go Proteas!). But we spent the morning trying to track a very new song called "Morgan Freeman" (working title... who knows where we come up with these names!). Most of the takes broke down at some point and we struggled during this morning session. But we rehearsed it a whole bunch before I went home at lunch and Scal went to have lunch with his girlfriend and our designer extraordinaire Waller. We also had some issues on Juki's guitar intonation (basically his guitar was out of tune on the upper frets where most of his playing on this song takes place. The most common cause of this is either the neck of your geet is slightly bent or the bridge is not 100%). After fixing that at Marshall Music, Scal and I rejoined the dudes and we got into tracking again with fresh minds (and a broken ear in my case). We nailed it on the second take. It's a song we've asked Gordon to make quite lo-fi and Velvet Underground sounding. We've been listening to a lot of that at band prac and thought the song could use a different sound to the big sound of the rest of the stuff and who better to get that than Gordon "fucked up sound" Raphael. I think (and I might be wrong - I was quite zoned out for this session thanks to the painkillers) Gordon's gonna mix it on the pc then run it through a tape to give it the old school 60's/70's vibe. Gordon didn't really like the song too much in the beginning ("it's not The Ramones is it?") but I think he's warmed to it, especially in the approach we're going to take on it. I still need to do a couple of bass fix ups - my bass part is quite sparse in places and I zoned out for a second and missed one of them hehe - but that I'll do on Sunday.

After finishing the tracking I left for home to rest my ear and try get some sleep. The plan for the other guys was to record a "safety" version of "Caroline" as it's a song we're going to record totally analogue onto tape this coming Sunday. More on that song after we track it.

Sash will write the blog for tomorrow so until Sunday it's cheers!


P.S. we will be performing at Zula Bar in Long Street next Saturday the 23rd alongside MacGuyver Knife and the 357's with special dj set by Gordon Raphael so pull through! You might hear some new songs ;)


  1. Ah! Kman! Hope the ear heals up super quick!!

    Love reading your blogs cause am so excited to hear the finished sound!!!

    Sounds like you're all having a good time (sans the hole in the ear)

    Keep Rocking!

  2. oh, and i hope you're taking pics!!