Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penultimate day of tracking - What a fuck up!

Hey Saul,

Today was by far the most unproductive day cos we didn't manage to get anything done! The studio had a problem with the soundcard and it kept cutting out so we decided to call it a day and work later next week.

Ok we did manage to track a rhythm double in "Look out" but decided not to use it as we're going for a live vibe where you can only hear 2 guitars, bass, drums and vocals in the song. So trashed that idea. And Gordon managed to do a bit of mixing on the song.

Juki and my task for the day was to score... not in that way, sheesh! It's my job to notate the string section into musical score and Juki wanted to help me with all the technical parts in the programme he used called Reason which I've never used before. But that also ran into problems as the audio tracks we got from Sound and Motion weren't showing up on the cd we got given and Juki installed a different Cubase version to be compatible with the sessions he's doing for Boombox Troopers, recording Graeme Danger's vocals as he's going to be producing their debut EP. Aaaargh! Back to S&M it was and they let us use their upstairs mini studio SML. Managed to get everything finished in parts in score editor. Now it's just down to me to put everything together and hope it's right for the string players. Eek!

Thankfully the sound card issue has been sorted out so we can go back and continue work on what is my last day in the studio. We've got some cool interviews lined up as well which should be fun! Scal's probably gonna do 2 vocals as that's kinda the limit in terms of him giving cd-worthy performances without killing himself doing it! If you don't believe me, put on your favourite song and sing the whole way through with all the gusto you have, then do it again at least twice. Then it's the little fix ups that generally need to be done. It's a tough task, being a singer!

Hopefully better things to talk about tomorrow!

Till then, time to get stuck into finishing these string parts!


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