Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Two - Tracking 3 songs

Hey dudes,

Soz only getting to this now but here's an update from day 2 of recording:

Arrived in studio at 10am with everything set up to start tracking. We gave ourselves plenty of time in the schedule to get all the basic tracking done for all 6 songs - 4 days in all - so could really take our time in nailing them all down tightly. As it was, we managed to do 3 of the songs so well ahead of schedule. As we arrived Gordon thought it would be best if we just tuned up and launched straight into a take of this song we have called "Unusable Block" (working title). I think that approach really worked cos we tracked 3 takes and used the 2nd (if I remember). We've been practising so much over the last month that we all feel really in tune with jamming together so for the most part it was a tight and energetic performance. After that we did a few fix ups of the bass and guitar parts just to lock everything in 100%. This song is one we're really excited for you to hear as it shows a bit of a new direction we've been writing in. It's got a real swingy groove and plenty of melodic guitar over the top and breaks into this really evil sounding bust out part where Juki plays what's known as "the devil's interval" followed by a wailing and ominous guitar solo that's so rock 'n roll. It's really concise and to the point and I think you guys are gonna dig it! We do.

Next we tracked the song that I think got Gordon stoked to come out and work with us called "Look out." It's a nice driving song, again with some great guitar melodies and some dual interweaving guitar harmonies we've also added to our armoury. It also features some awesome trip-hop style drumming in one part which I augment in my bass parts. The rhythms are pretty crazy!

After buying some lunch at veggie heaven Fruit 'n Veg city we got to tracking another newbie (never-before-played-live) called "Save" (working title). This was born out of a chorus hook Scal thought of which is sung in falsetto (also something to expect a bit of in the album) backed up by Juki's guitar. It's a song we pretty much wrote out of a jam and at the moment is very open to lots of production ideas we're going to be working on with Gordon next week in the overdubs stage. We're thinking some fat synths and handclaps so far. Juki plays this rad guitar riff through his bass synth pedal which creates this unique and fat sound. Originally in our preproduction version recorded at our bandroom I played the keys but I think Gordon's gonna handle all that on the album. He's a rocking piano/synth player! We recorded this one to a click track (a metronome Sash and I were hearing through our ears to keep this one nice and steady). It's not something we do too often as we like to keep the live feel but it works for this one.

So a productive day! 3 down, 3 to go then all the drums, bass and basic guitar tracks are recorded. Gordon soundbite of the day: when we asked if we should keep one of our takes, he said "Well no-one seems to be jumping up and down saying that should go on the record."

Much more to follow. Keep watching this space.

From the studio with love,

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