Saturday, January 16, 2010

day 4!!

hey all! Sash here taking the blog today for karl and his unfortunate aural annomaly, anyhow we (the rest of the band went in on friday and started trakcking the very different sounding jukebox which started out as an acoustic song by Scal and then juki got his hands on it and made it into this really cool earl 90's seal sounding midi track and now we in the proccess of turning it into something totally different.\\: so we went into the studio and Gordon did the piano line with some really cool little changes and flourishes, then we had the task of trying to find a cool drum sound, mission accomplished and we got stuck in doing a couple of takes!
because the whole thing was done to a click track it was important to get the drum perfect so we did that and then at the end of a long day we put down some acoustic guitar. i have a feeling we never will really be able to play this one live as we are probably going to add real strings on and really go to town with it.
so its saturday today!!
what are you doing??
i hope its really grand whatever it is.
we have the day off i think were going to the lake to waste the day away and then to a braai.
back to work on sunday!
keep well
see you soon

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